Is Wi-Fi a useful addition to cameras?

Joanna Stass

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Join are debate! Are Wi-Fi cameras a handy technological advancement or simply the latest useless fad?

The latest cameras seem to be packed with more and more new technology, including touchscreen control and, of course, Wi-Fi. This new addition means that cameras can now not only take pictures, but also allow you to share them straight away too. But is this actually useful, or is it just another technological fad? Let us know what you think!

Wi-Fi camera

Wi-Fi cameras

Cameras with Wi-Fi connectivity can be wirelessly connected to your smartphone or tablet so that you can transfer your photos across and instantly upload them to the internet. Usually you would have had to wait until you got home to transfer your photos to your computer and upload them online, but with a Wi-Fi camera you can keep friends and family updated with your photography in real time, so long as your device has a wireless or mobile internet connection. In fact, some cameras now actually allow you to upload your shots directly to the internet, as the likes of the Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy NX use the Android operation system that lets you download apps for social networks onto the camera.

However, is Wi-Fi actually a useful addition to cameras? Having to connect your camera and phone then transfer your photos across before you can upload them sometimes seems like a slow and laborious process, making it tempting to simply take the shot with your phone’s camera to save time and effort. Having your camera’s Wi-Fi capabilities turned on can also quickly drain the battery, leaving you with less time to actually shoot before you run out of charge.

Arguably, the most useful function of Wi-Fi cameras is not actually for sharing shots, but more for remote control. Once your camera and phone are connected, you can usually then use your device to control your kit as a sort of remote shutter release with Live View. This is useful for shooting from a distance, avoiding camera shake and putting yourself in the picture for self-portraits.

Join our debate!

We want to know whether you think Wi-Fi is a genuinely useful addition to cameras or if it is just a technological fad. Leave a comment below and get involved on Facebook and Twitter. Your comment could be printed in the next issue of Photography For Beginners magazine!

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  • Steve Martin

    Personally i see no point in Wi-Fi cameras because where i go out shooting there is no Wi-Fi signal , and why on earth would i want to attatch it to my smartphone ?? If i just want to share a shot , i’ll simply take a snap with the smartphone and share it that way , but when i go out shooting i take my DSLR/(s) to capture IMAGES. These images are always fine tuned on the PC at home and then shared to selected friends , FB pages or web pages.
    A friend of mine has the complete opposite view as he is a semi-professional ‘tog , and sometimes has to get a picture to a company , website or wherever , within seconds of capturing it , and is all FOR this technology as it is his second income.

  • Robin Martin

    I like having wi-fi card in my camera. It saves me time and space and acts as my backup. I can later review images to see which to keep or edit. If I am somewhere there is no wi-fi, when I get home, they seemlessly download while I am doing other things. As a newbie, this is very helpful to me.