So you’ve just got your first camera out of the box and you want to start taking some lovely photos, but how?

Well, the latest edition of the Digital Photography For Beginners bookazine will teach you everything you need to know, from getting to grips with the basic but fundamental aspects of photography, to what to keep in your kit bag.

There are in depth guides to help you understand important settings and how the mode dial works, plus advice for developing your shooting skills for a range of photography styles, including picture-perfect landscapes and eye-catching architecture. You can then discover how to edit and share your fantastic photos in a variety of different ways, and if that isn’t enough, the book also comes with a free disc containing galleries, video tutorials and additional resources.

The Digital Photography for Beginners Third Revised Edition is available now for just £12.99. Pick up a copy in your local newsagents, order a print copy from the ImagineShop or download the digital edition from GreatDigitalMags.

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Master the basics with the Digital Photography For Beginners bookazine